Wicked Book Events/Signings


Wicked Book GNO is June 29th 2013, 7-11pm at CRAVE in Orlando.

Shuttle will be provided for $5.00 round trip from  the Doubletree in Orlando.

Authors signed on for sure so far include:

    • Kristen Ashley
    • Tara Sivec
    • Jasinda Wilder
    • RK Lilley
    • Katie Ashley
    • Emily Snow
    • M. Leighton
    • Alice Clayton
    • Debra Anastasia
    • Rachael Wade
    • Kim Karr
    • Lisa Renee Jones
    • Michelle Valentine
    • Cherrie Lynn
    • Madeline Sheehan
    • Gail McHugh
    • Lisa Harley
    • Elizabeth James
    • Tasha Ivey
    • Jennifer Foor
    • Kahlen Aymes
    • JM Darhower
    • Aleatha Romig
    • Gretchen de la O
    • Laura Kaye
    • Joanna Wylde
    • Katy Evans

For more information and reservations, see Wicked Book Events.

Wicked Girls Book Weekend 2014 Dates:

March 7-9 in the Orlando area

Authors already signed to attend in 2014 are: (more are coming soon)

  • Tara Sivec
  • Jasinda Wilder
  • Raine Miller
  • RK Lilley
  • CC Wood
  • Katie Ashley
  • Emily Snow
  • M. Leighton
  • Kelly Elliot
  • Alexis Alexander
  • Elizabeth James
  • Tabatha Vargo
  • Lisa M. Harley
  • Kim Karr
  • RL Griffin
  • Rachael Wade
  • Deena Bright

For more information, see Wicked Book Events.

Keep in touch on the facebook page for the event


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  1. Ricki says:

    I am so excited!!!! One month until we go!!!!!

  2. WOOT! WOOT!!! Can’t wait guys!!

  3. Kerry G says:

    OMG….so excited! This is just going to be too much fun!

  4. Joanne Christenson says:

    Will there be a full list of authors available? A friend had an idea to copy the covers of the books for signing so we don’t have to carry so many books. It will also make a great scrapbook.

  5. I can’t wait!!!! I’m so freaking excited!

  6. That’s what I’ll be working on. A program type of thing where I will have the logo on the front and a little bio about each author and a place to sign. I’m working on pricing. The problem? It ain’t cheap I’d need to make a lot, and I have no idea who will want them! Same with the shirts. This event is not profit making, so if anyone has suggestions on how best to handle it, let me know!

  7. ycharwood says:

    I live in the Orlando area, can I still participate?

  8. Of course! e-mail me at weekend@anasattic.com if you want to stay at the hotel or are an author. If you are a reader, wanting to go to the lunch only, log into paypal and send $28 (choose friends and family) to weekend@anasattic.com

  9. I can’t wait!!! I live in Orlando and I have been waiting for something like this to come to my area for a while now!!!!!!
    I would love to purchase a program that all the authors could sign that would be amazing and also a t-shirt .. How can we find out more information about that?

  10. Magda P says:

    It looks like I’ll be driving up to Orlando by myself. I’m glad my sister lives in Orlando because a hotel room for 1 person is a bit costly! I’ve never been to an event such as this one and I’m so excited and can’t wait!!!! I’ve also never been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter yet! Just sent the $28 via paypal for the lunch! I’m beyond excited and can’t wait to go!!!

  11. Yesenia says:

    NOOOOO…I have plans that weekend. :-( This sounds like so much fun! Sucks that I live near by!!

  12. jeanne taraya says:

    Do i still have time to join? I have to see if im gonna be available. When the latest time to book the hotel?

  13. Joanne Christenson says:

    Just paid…..so excited

  14. joanne christenson says:

    Just made my reservation for Saturday night, lunch, a porn store and pseudo slumber party with the best authors, some one come slap me, I think I’m dreaming

  15. J. Kenner says:

    Sounds like a blast! Wish I could make it!!!

  16. Kimberly says:

    Jealous!!! Need something like this in Virginia!!

  17. Kimberly Sutherland says:

    I would like to be included for the Roadhouse for drinks/dinner. On the FB page it says drinks at the Roadhouse at 7:00 and on here it says 6:00. Can you let me know which time is the correct one and add me to the list? Thank you!

  18. I’m a little late to the party, but I will be at Book Bash in Orlando on June 29th – do you guys have something planned for an “after party” there or is that closed for new peeps?

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