Sinners on Tour by Olivia Cunning Giveaway!

Sinners on Tour Giveaway

I think my favorite all-time sexy series is the Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning. Sexy hot Rock stars who fall in love, and are totally kinky? Yes please! This series is one of the ones that made me want to start blogging and sharing the books I love with all of you. So, since it’s Valentines month, I’m giving away the whole series!


Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour (The Sinners on Tour 1)

Five stunning guys, one hot woman, and a feverish romance…

For him, life is all music and no play…

When Brian Sinclair, lead songwriter and guitarist of the hottest metal band on the scene, loses his creative spark, it will take nights of downright sinful passion to release his pent-up genius…

She’s the one to call the tune…

When sexy psychologist Myrna Evans goes on tour with the Sinners, every boy in the band tries to seduce her. But Brian is the only one she wants to get her hands on…

Then the two lovers’ wildly shocking behavior sparks the whole band to new heights of glory…and sin…

Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour #1)

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Rock Hard (The Sinners on Tour 2)

An ultimatum can break your heart….

Every night lead singer, Sed Lionheart whips thousands of women into a frenzy with his voice alone. But the stage is the only place Sed feels any passion since he lost Jessica…

If you’re not willing to break all the rules…

It shattered her heart, but law student Jessica broke off her engagement to Sed, determined to be successful on her own terms. But no other man can ever hold a candle to Sed…

Then a chance meeting and tortuously close quarters lead to uncontrollable flares of passion and rediscovery of their unique penchant for public encounters. Now, in addition to the risk of mutual heartbreak every time they get together, they’re in danger of truly scandalous public exposure…

Rock Hard  (Sinners on Tour #2)

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Hot Ticket: Sinners on Tour (The Sinners on Tour 3)

There are things in bassist Jace Seymour’s past that he is unwilling to share with anyone. To cover his guilt and anguish, he seeks dominatrix Mistress V (Aggie) to temporarily placate his inner turmoil.

Aggie doesn’t have much use for men–besides the power rush she gets when they’re begging for mercy at her feet–but Jace isn’t like her usual clients. His cool defiance and unexpected dominance in the bedroom drives her to distraction and quickly steals her heart.

When circumstances threaten Jace’s position in Sinners, Aggie must help him regain his rightful place in the band while showing him that time and love can heal all wounds.

Hot Ticket ***ON SALE FOR $2.99!***

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Wicked Beat (The Sinners on Tour 4)

From the moment he lays eyes on Sinners’ new front of house soundboard operator, drummer Eric Sticks knows he has to make Rebekah his. Unfortunately, she’s too busy trying to seduce guitarist Trey Mills to pay him much attention. Rebekah never planned to fall for the tall, goofy drummer with the weird sense of humor and a heart the size of the galaxy. But Eric makes her laugh and his constant attention makes her feel sexy and irresistible–exactly what she needs after the things her last lover said to her. A woman who gives as much as she takes, Rebekah makes Eric feel like a total stud–exactly what he needs after surviving a decade of watching the incredibly talented members of Sinners from the wings.

Wicked Beat

See my review here.

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Double Time: Sinners On Tour (The Sinners on Tour 5)

Olivia Cunning delivers the perfect blend of steamy sex, heartwarming romance, and a wicked sense of humor in this menage story featuring the hottest guy in the Sinners band.

Trey Mills, the notoriously sexy Sinners rhythm guitarist, gives up his bisexual lifestyle and is swept into a hot, heady romance with Reagan Elliot, a female rock star sensation. But when Trey encounters Reagan’s sexy bisexual roommate, Ethan Conner, he can no longer deny who he is or what he wants. Reagan heartily agrees to a solution that opens up a hot new world of sexual experience–and love–with the two men she wants the most.

Double Time

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Sinners at the Altar (The Sinners on Tour 6)


Special introductory price for loyal Sinners fans! Price will increase on March 18th, 2013. Don’t delay!

Even Sinners need love…

Sinners at the Altar includes four complete wedding stories, each about a different member of the rock band Sinners. These novellas are intended to be read after the Sinners on Tour series as each story is an epilogue to a different book in the series and thus riddled with major spoilers for not only individual books, but in some cases, the entire series.

When Sinners tie the knot, things don’t always go as planned.

Appetite for Seduction – Epilogue to Backstage Pass
Lead guitarist Brian Sinclair may have finally won Professor Myrna Evans heart and her consent to wed, but being part of a high-maintenance band might just ruin his long-anticipated wedding day and steamy wedding night. Will the couple ever find a moment’s peace or are some things more important than a night of uninhibited love-making?

Sweet Love of Mine – Epilogue to Wicked Beat
Drummer Eric Sticks is determined to marry sweet and sassy soundboard operator, Rebekah Blake, on the spur of the moment. But can he really offer the love of his life the wedding of her dreams in a small, unplanned ceremony? And can Rebekah offer Eric the one thing missing from his life that never realized he wanted?

Patience – Epilogue to Rock Hard
Lead singer Sed Lionheart never really wanted a big fancy wedding. He just wanted the girl. But his hot-tempered fiancee, Jessica Chase, has her heart set on a memorable ceremony and she is determined to persist through the aggravation to have the wedding of her dreams. The ceremony turns out to be memorable, all right, but not necessarily in the way they’d planned. Can the stressed-out couple recognize what’s really important on their wedding day, or is the honeymoon over before it even begins?

November Rain – Epilogue to Hot Ticket
Professional dominatrix Aggie “Mistress V” Martin is madly in love with bassist Jace Seymour, but she’s not in any real hurry to marry him. She’s not really the wife “type”. That all changes the moment she lays eyes on the perfect place to say “I do”. With more than one obstacle in their path to wedded bliss, will these two ever make it down the aisle or will everything fall apart at the whim of others?

Coming soon: Sinners in Paradise (honeymoon stories) and Sinners Rock The Cradle (1st babies)

I can’t wait for the Exodus End series, coming soon too!

Pre-order Sinners at the Altar



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