Shame and Shooting – Shame on You Video, Review and Giveaway from Tara Sivec

Shame on You Tara Sivec

Shame on You (Fool Me Once #1) by Tara Sivec

1st in a series. Can stand alone. Long novella.


Keep in mind, Tara hasn’t yet learned to turn the phone on it’s side to shoot video…


If you don’t know this already, if you see a book written by Tara Sivec, just go ahead and click. Don’t even bother with blurbs or reviews (except mine of course because, well, I’m special, right? RIGHT?) This whore can write over the top humor, heart wrenching drama, and edge of your seat action. I suggested back when Tara wrote A Beautiful Lie, the first in the Playing with Fire series, that she needs to combine the humor and the action/suspense.

Shame on You, the first in the Fool Me Once series by Tara Sivec, does just that.

And I take FULL CREDIT for the idea.

GD Tara Sivec for not giving me credit.

I received a paperback ARC of this book without the real cover months ago. I wanted to read it, but ugh, paper? How do I take notes? Highlight quotes? And do I have to break the spine of this lovely signed book? Sadly, there were no e-arcs. So I had to dive in to the paperback. Besides trying highlight quotes and turn pages with my magic finger (part of my “vagina hand” I assume), I kept losing my little package of sticky notes, and finding them stuck to strange places. (Don’t ask.)

Shame on You

GD little sticky notes.

Lucky for Tara, I loved the shit out of this book, because paper sucks for review writing. And for reading while I fold laundry, eat, do my makeup, pee….

So I had the book for months, and finally, while I was reading it, I turned it over.

Shame on You Ana's Attic

HOLY SHIT!!!! I’m on a book!!!! Unfortunately, the quote didn’t make it onto the final book  :(

GD Amazon Publishing.

Shame on You is a fast, fun, laugh out loud, sexy book! It’s perfect for a quick read between those angstier mind-fuck or rip-your-heart out books. It’s not over-the-top funny, so I didn’t need to wear a pad, but I should have known better to drink and read. I have water marks all over the book from spitting out my water.

GD Tara for making stuff come out of my body.

Kennedy O’Brien, Paige McCarty, and Lorelei Warner are 3 best friends who form their own detective/bounty hunter agency ‘Fool Me Once Investigations’, but I just call them “Tara’s Angels”.  Seriously, if I had to describe this book it would be Charlie’s Angels meet Sex in the City meet Seduction and Snacks meet Stephanie Plum, but hotter and more fun than all of them (except of course Seduction and Snacks, my favorite all-time book).

Kennedy is the tomboy of the bunch, despite the fact that she is hot. Divorced with two tween/teen girls, it’s a pleasure to read about a character older than my wedding ring. Kennedy is also capable. She was deployed in Afghanistan and came home to find her husband banging the nanny.

“I hope his penis falls off. I hope it rots and falls off inside Miss Teen USA, therefore causing her perfect, twenty-two-year-old vagina to rot and fall out of her thong when she sneezes.”

Kennedy’s father is a bail bondsman who sometimes sends cases her way. This time though, her father asks her to help train a new ex-cop bounty hunter on staff. Though Kennedy normally works alone, she couldn’t help but ogle the guy who pulls up on the motorcycle.

“Whoever this guy is, he has an amazing ass. I watch as he reaches up and slides his helmet off and I take note of the way his shirt stretches across the muscles of his back.
I need to get laid. I really, really need to get laid. I’m standing on a front porch of a bail jumper’s house panting like a dog.
I don’t need the help, but at least he’ll be pretty to look at. And maybe if he’s lucky, I’ll throw him a bone. Or he can throw me his bone.”

But shit, it turns out to be Griffin Crawford, her ex-husband’s best friend, the guy she had a crush on in high school, and the guy she hasn’t spoken to in months, after she heard him council her ex not to tell her anything about his affair.

But I think Kennedy protests a bit too much, and clearly her friends think so too, because they take her right to the salon, where Sven, the New Jerseyite with a swedish accent and a dumb dog named Mrs. Justin Beiber fix her up.

“That dog is as dumb as her namesake. She walks in circles until she gets so dizzy that she falls down. Like those fainting goats on YouTube. Mrs. Justin Bieber is an asshole.”

GD goats from Wicked Book Weekend find their way into everything Tara writes.

Despite Kennedy being all tough and mad at Griffin, her body wasn’t on the same page.

Someone needs to get that message to my vagina because she isn’t having any of this “I’m pissed off at Griffin and want nothing to do with him” nonsense. Her engine is running and she’s screaming at me to shift into high gear.”

And when Griffin and Kennedy bet on who will catch the guy first, all sorts of fun begins.

“Or maybe you know how two-hundred Post-it-notes with pictures of penises drawn on them were glued to every inch of my desk”

Then the really good fun may (or may not) happen.

His palm slides up the back of my thigh until he’s clutching my bare ass.
Okay, talking can wait.
“Keep your leg there,” he demands softly against my lips.


  • Everything I love all rolled into one fun package.
  • I loved all three of the girls!
  • Griffin is a very sexy alpha who rides a motorcycle, can handle a gun, and has an awesome tongue. Plus, he made my heart melt and I swooned a few times.
  • A very complete story for 140 pages (but I still wish it were double as long, it was so good!)
  • I laughed out loud a few times.
  • I loved Kennedy’s name.
  • Kennedy’s father was awesome, and her brother hysterical.
  • The last GD line of every chapter made me giggle every time. They were perfect.
  • A perfect quick, fun, in between read.
  • Yes, it can stand alone.


  • It was just too short, but for under 150 pages it was one of the most complete novellas I’ve read and well worth every damn cent.

Rating (for a novella) 5 stars 4 heat


Flame_FOUR copy
Shame on You by Tara Sivec combined all of the things I love in a book. It was sexy, funny, swoony, had a great group of friends, awesome family and was a perfect happy escape. If I compare it to a 300 page book, I may hesitate on the 5 stars, but for a quick, fun read anyone can read in a day or two, it was just perfect.

GD having to wait for the next one.


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