Review: Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

Undeniable Madeline SheehanUndeniable by Madeline Sheehan was wholeheartedly recommended by 3 readers of this blog. But the descriptions they had didn’t make me run to buy it. They used words like dirty, gritty, ugly and angsty.  I should NOT have let those words put me off.

This was one of the best books I read this year.

Michelle described it as “Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley on crack” I have to completely agree. I would say Deuce is like “Tack on crack” just because I like the rhyme better :-) I started this book at around midnight, intending to read just a few pages before bed. When 2:30 am rolled around, I forced myself to put it down, then picked up again at 7:00 am and didn’t stop till I finished. I am not ready to start another book. I finished a day ago! This never happens. I can’t move on yet. Undeniable was that good.

WARNING:  There were some hot button issues that usually can ruin a book for me, like lots of cheating and rape. They worked in the framework of this book, and made it even better. But, it wasn’t dark and depressing like I expected. It was more “holy cow, hang on for the ride”. And if you aren’t a fan of the word fuck, this may not be a read for you (but then why the fuck are you reading my blog? I love the fuckin’ word). Some form of the word fuck showed up 1,128 times (yet again, it worked).

Don’t let any of this stop you.

I fell in love with Eva as a 5 year old visiting her daddy in prison. Her dad is the VP of an outlaw MC (Motorcycle Club) The Silver Demons, and Eva takes it in stride, wearing Chuck Taylor’s and listening to Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix (two of my favorites, so I immediately loved her). There, she meets 23 year old Deuce (18 years older), who is visiting his own father, the prez of a competing MC, Hell’s Horsemen.

“Name’s Deuce sweetheart. My old man
here is Reaper. It was nice talkin’ with ya.”
She put her tiny hand in his and he

“Eva,” She whispered. “That’s my name
and it was so, so great to meet you too.”
He smiled.
She smiled.
The rest is fuckin’ history.

There was nothing sick or twisted, it was a sweet, innocent exchange, but Eva fell for him. And she struck Deuce in such a strong way that he gave his dad’s Horseman’s medallion to her. And she never, ever took it off.

The next contact was 7 years later, when she was 12, at a biker gathering. At this point Eva was maturing and the older teenaged boys were talking about how much they wanted her. Deuce overheard and beat the crap out of them. But still, he was just protecting her. She still had a major crush, and was still wearing the necklace..

Then Preacher, Eva’s dad, brought in a crazy biker teen whose parents had died. Frankie was big-time trouble, and couldn’t sleep until he crawled into bed with Eva. It started as a brother-sister type thing, at least for Eva. But Frankie was just biding his time….

Deuce and Eva meet again when she was 16, a hot, almost grown woman with big tits. Crazy Frankie keeps everyone away from her and he acts like he owns her. But she isn’t into boys…well except Deuce, who she gets alone for a bit…

“If you were older darlin’, I’d have you on the back of my bike and in my fuckin’ bed. And you’d be not just likin’ it, but lovin’ it, beggin’ me for more.”

“There it is darlin’,” he said softly, his lips curving slowly in a sexy grin. “Nothin’ like seein’ a pretty girl gettin’ all fired up.”

I. Just. Stared.

“Back of a bike is comin’ for ya and soon, too. “Cause, baby, the way you’re lookin’ at me is telling me you want it. And you want it bad.”

Eva doesn’t see Deuce again for another 2 years, then 4, and then another 8…but for her, it was always all about him. And for Crazy Frankie, now the VP of Eva’s dad’s club, it’s all about Eva.

Frankie blinked. “Don’t fuckin’ cry baby,” He said quietly. “Wasn’t tryin’ to hurt you, just wanted you with me always. Can’t fuckin’ sleep without you and dyin’ is sleepin’ forever. Can’t sleep forever without you.”

Eva grew up in the middle of a MC. The guys in the club were always there to protect her and Eva knew everything that went on. She knew all about the old ladies at home and the pussy at the club. It was part of her life. And she wasn’t shielded from any of it. There were some great side characters in the story, including and especially Eva’s BFF Kami, a rich slut party girl who I totally loved, her husband Chase who I loved to hate, her boyfriend and Deuce’s right hand man Cox, and Deuce’s kids. And those are just a few of the great characters we got to know. It amazes me that this book was only 219 pages because so much happened, and I felt like I was right there with it the whole way.

“….when it comes to you, darlin’, I got no fuckin’ sense. You fuckin’ pull me in until you’re all I can fuckin’ see. Suddenly, I can’t fuckin’ breathe, but I don’t care ’cause you, babe, you’re you. And, I ain’t ever met anyone as fuckin’ perfect as you. Knowin’ you gave me your first kiss, and then you gave me that sweet pussy first, knowin’ that I got that and no one else can ever have it ’cause its fuckin’ mine–fuck Eva……”~Deuce

Sounds so sweet and romantic right? NOT. Deuce is a total DICK, a lying, cheating, murdering scumbag. But damn, you just can’t help but LOVE the fucker! Madeline Sheehan worked some kind of magic here. Because everything I should hate, well, I just can’t. I loved it all.


  • Grabbed me from the first page and didn’t let go for a second.
  • Despite the gritty, hard nature of the book, it was a crazy, exhilarating ride.
  • There was no fairy-tale glossing over what happens in a Biker gang.
  • I loved the characters.
  • A great epilogue.


  • I was so caught up in it, I couldn’t find any.

Rating: 5++++ stars, 4 for Heat

stars_5plusFlame_FOUR copy

This book covered 25 years and was filled with lots of love, angst, hate, death, adultery, rape, murder, prison, and all kinds of wrong-doing. But in the end it was all so right. Despite Deuce being a cheating asshole, I was still in love. I loved Eva the entire book. I couldn’t help but root for the couple, and now I still can’t move on. What a great fuckin’ roller coaster of a read.

“I stole you a long time ago. Round the time you fuckin’ stole me”.- Deuce.

Thank goodness there are two more books to look forward to! Unbeautifully  about Ripper and Danny, and Unattainable  about Cage and Tegan.

**Thank you Michelle, Christina and Amanda for convincing me to read this despite my misgivings. You guys were spot on!

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  1. Yay! Anything that could be described as “Tack on crack” is for me! I’m going straight to Amazon (from your blog!) to purchase.

  2. Christina says:

    Yes! This book left me shocked, gasping and weeks later I’m still thinking about it. I am looking forward to the next books in this series more than any other…I just have to gear myself up to re-reading this all-comsuming one when the time comes! Glad you loved it as much as I did!!

  3. Cathy V. says:

    WOW. Your review has me WOWing, the book may knock me off my chair a few times. I must read this book now, join the roller coaster ride and end up loving the murdering, cheating bastard!

  4. Kerry G says:

    Ok, even though I have a gazillion books waiting for me already – I had to get this one. You had me at Motorcycle Man 😉

  5. I’m new to your Facebook page and blog… AND I AM LOVING IT! Like MAD LOVE! I have the books you review and recommend on my TBR list which means we share the same great taste in books 😉 So I’ve decided to stalk you… and follow you on Facebook, Twitter and email! I’m so glad I found you! Haha :)


  6. WOW! What a review! This book is on my radar. I haven’t started it because I just am so fucking busy and I’ve heard it is pretty heavy! BUT I think I will ignore my to do list if it is only 200-ish pages. I can breeze thru that!

    • Un-FUCKING-believably good! Stories like these (yes, I realize this is fiction!) make me believe in soul mates!

  7. Holly says:

    Just finished it! You had me a MM!! Couldn’t put it down!!!

  8. Stacy says:

    Where to begin? I loved your review, and after reading it, headed straight for Amazon. What an emotional rollercoaster ride. I, too couldn’t put it down, and finished it at 2 am, knowing that I had to be up at 5. (that seldom happens :)

  9. Lorna says:

    Motorcycle man was like a Vanilla version but also a learning curve for me to be ready for this. After reading it, I wanted to read it again because so much happened.
    I have to say books I have read on your list raise the bar for other authors.

  10. K.M. Golland says:

    I’m reading this now, and fuck…I’m at war with my own head. So good.

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