Review: Mile High (Up In The Air 2) by RK Lilley

“No one else can do this for you, Bianca. Don’t ever even consider it. You were made for me.”

Mile High by RK Lilley is the second in the Up In The Air Series, a hot and sexy Dom/sub romance that’s right up there with Fifty Shades and Bared To You. If you have not read In Flight (Up In The Air 1) STOP. READ IT NOW. Read my review here. This book does not stand alone. In fact, the second I finished In Flight, I didn’t even breathe until I hit purchase and began reading Mile High. Luckily, this book did not suffer from the second in a trilogy problems that many books have, and was just as good as the first.

Mile High begins a few weeks after In Flight ends. Bianca is on an overnight layover in Miami with the entire flight crew, including Damien. It’s almost a month since she’s seen James, and it’s clear he is desperate to see her. She finally agrees to meet with him when she is back in Vegas. As soon as she sees him again, she knows she can’t resist him.

“Unless part of my convincing you was that you want to get fucked against the nearest wall, I’d start walking, Buttercup”

And when they finally reunite, holy hotness!

His own breathing was harsh as he spoke, stroking me purposefully. “Just to give you a taste. I was desperate for you. To comfort you, to tend to you. Hell, just to look at you. But you withdrew from me completely, until I was pathetically grateful for just a text from you……So I needed to give you at least a small taste of the wanting…….

During this installment their relationship moved forward in huge steps. And the horseback riding scene was…holy shit…..though I can’t imagine it is really possible, who the fuck cares, I’ll be reading that scene again!

In this book, the two sides of James Cavendish are very apparent. There is the totally desperate, crazy about Bianca guy who just needs to be loved:

“I love any touch from you. It feels caring, and I want that. I want so much for you to care for me….”

“You’re my angel, Bianca. You’ve exorcized my demons. I don’t have nightmares when I’m with you. I don’t have to work seventy hour work weeks to keep my mind distracted. My life has become more than work and emotionless affairs. You make me a better man.”

And there is the cold, dominant, Mr. Cavendish who works the 4th Floor dungeon like a pro. The scenes go a little deeper in this book with BDSM (including some breath control).
You are able to see the overall desperation that these two have for each other in this book, and the beautiful, kinky lovers he has had in the past make Bianca more and more insecure despite his reassurances.

“I was a slut once with my body, but I’ve never been a slut with my heart.”


  • The sex scenes were fuckhot!
  • The book was a great follow up without suffering from the “in between” feel of most second books.
  • James is the most caring, and romantic guy (though a bit suffocating) and I love how he takes care of her and surprises her with the most incredible and insane things, as well as the sweetest things like cleaning her up, removing her makeup, washing her hair…
  • There were some really funny lines:

“That just isn’t fair. If I looked like him, I’d never leave my house. I’d just stay home and fuck myself. If you tell me he has a big dick, I might become either a cutter or a lesbian”

  • Bianca is finally coming to terms with the fact that she is meant for James.
  • It set up the third book Grounded, very well without leaving us with a breathless cliffhanger.


  • The coming on command and together every time was annoying, and made the sex scenes just a little too over the top.
  • Every other woman seems to be CRAZY beautiful.
  • Bianca’s nightmare was played out word for word again from book 1, like it was just a cut and paste of a few pages.
  • When James’s eyes get cold, and his mood even colder. I get that this may be a Dom thing, but it left Bianca feeling “emotionally bereft” and me as well.
  • I wish one of them will just say the three words dammit!
  • Still a LOT of things reminiscent of Fifty Shades.
Rating: 4.5 stars 5 Heat

Mile High is definitely a book that I will love to re-read before Grounded comes out in February. If you are looking for a series with a totally hot Dominant alpha who is kinky as hell, plus completely romantic, possessive and controlling, look no further. This book is everything you loved about Fifty Shades and even more.

I gripped his silky hair in my fists. “I missed you, too. It’s scary just how much. I don’t know how it happened so fast, but you feel like home to me, James.”


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  1. Holly says:

    I just FBed you on these two books!! LOVED the first one!! Just started this one!!!!

  2. Ana..Just finished “Mile High” late last night. I so agree with the horse scene….OMG! I woke up this morning thinking about it…..WOW! When I finished the book I was so frustrated that it was over:-( I can’t wait until February… Shadesish or not bring it on…
    I have my calender and I’m marking the days until “Grounded”……Keep reading and reviewing Ana…….This series is a winner.


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