Recent Giveaway Winners: February 2014

Giveaway winners


I tend to do my giveaways all at once, so here are the ones in the past month:

Signed copy of Never Been Ready by JL Berg from my review: Jenn Jacobo

Wicked Book Weekend Giveaway:

  • Kindle: Nancy Fowler Milligan
  • E-book of Flame by Brooke Cumberland: Heather Nielson
  • E-book bundle of Ignite and Incinerate by Tessa Teevan: Maria Voulelis Malaveci
  • E-book of The Dark Light of Day by T.M. Frazier: Mags Pereira
  • E-book of The Replacement by Rachael Wade: Jennifer Jones
  • Any e-book from R.L. Griffin: Loraine Oliver
  • E-book of Finding Faith by Tabatha Vargo: Katie Salisbury
  • Any e-book from The Fading Series by EK Blair: Julie Kitzmiller
  • E-book of When You’re Ready by JL Berg: Joann Xu
  • Signed Copy of Inhale/Exhale by Sarah M. Ross: Lisa Miller
  • Choice of any e-book from Adriane Leigh: Carmie Varela
  • Choice of any e-book from Katie Ashley: Dana Sciara Dean
  • Set of books from Harper Sloan: Janel Luciani
  • 2 more e-books from Harper Sloan: Kristen Kocher and Sophia P.
  • Swag Bag and signed book from Penny Reid: Stephanie Frederick
  • The Love Series e-books from Melanie Codina: Mandy Jones
  • Choice of any e-book from S.A. Price: Amy Miller
  • Signed copy of Continental Breakfast: Jordan Reading-Lady
  • E-books of Good and Better by S. Walden: Ann Mettert
  • 2 e-books of choice from SM Donaldson: Jessica Reads
  • A is for Alpha Male and Impossible e-books from Laurel Ulen Curtis: Jansen Garland
  • Ebook of In My Arms by Taryn Plendl: Amber Brown
  • E-book of Crazy Beautiful Love by JS Cooper: Kim Mimbrough
  • E-book of Torn by KA Robinson: Lita Michelle Thomas
  • Choice of any e-book from Jasinda Wilder: Heather Taczy

Lisa N. Paul Gift Card and Signed Giveaway

  • $10.00 Amazon Card : Danni Rae
  • $5 Gift Card: Evelyn Ramos Hernandez, Diana Doan, Angel Cullen
  • Signed Copies of Thursday Nights and Storm Front: Amy Knight

January Bestsellers Giveaway

  • $10.00 Amazon Card: Julie Kerr
  • Choice of any book on the list: Barbara Blenis

Sinners on Tour Series Giveaway by Olivia Cunning: Tammy Michelle Choate

The Entire Spark Series by Brooke Cumberland: Yadira Alonzo

The Passion and Ponies by Tara Sivec Sneak Peek: Julie Kitzmiller


I have a bunch more giveaways coming! You can always find them in the right column of my blog and at least twice weekly on Facebook! 




  1. Cheryl Nasca says:

    Great giveaway! :)

  2. Lola Figueroa says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!

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