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Spark Brooke CumberlandSpark (Spark #1) by Brooke Cumberland
Adult Contemporary. 1st in a series, does not stand alone.


Oh how I wish I knew that Spark by Brooke Cumberland had a bit of a cliffy at the end! It’s not a relationship cliffhanger, so it’s not quite as bad, but I already had books scheduled to read after, and couldn’t take on the next book. I will eventually though, because I want to read more. I really enjoyed the book, and it sucks that I didn’t have the freedom to continue, and won’t for a few months.

Eric is a super fuck-hot sexy Firefighter, complete with tattoos.


He just moved into Velaney’s apartment building when a fire breaks out, and he rushes into her apartment to save her. Coincidentally, it was laundry day, so Velaney was wearing her only clean item, a very sexy nighty.

“Forget him being muscular. He wasn’t just muscular; he was chiseled so damn hard he could crack squirrel nuts between his biceps.”

Eric is a southern gentleman complete with sexy accent and cowboy boots…and great teeth, Velaney’s weakness. I immediately liked Velaney and her roommate. They were funny and down to earth, and it felt like I was hanging with friends I like. Velaney worked off her frustrations by running.

“My pussy fairy needed to twirl her magic wand and give me a big O or I’d run to the point of no longer feeling my insides”

Velaney has baggage. Big time. but she can’t help her attraction to Eric, especially when she sees him running…shirtless. Velaney, due to her past, never curses. but I loved her substitutions.

“Sweet baby cheese balls”, “Oh hells bells, he has a nipple ring. And tattoos”, “Holy shizzwizzle, his body is wicked hot.”

Eric wanted Velaney. He made it clear right from day one. In fact, he kept showing up IN her apartment when she least expected it. Like when she takes a shower and forgets her towel…

Little incidents keep happening and luckily for Velaney, Eric seems to always be her Knight in Shining Armor. Though they are just “friends” the sexual tension and banter between Eric and Velaney are fun to read.

“The pull I feel toward him is ridiculous. Perhaps it’s the way he is always there for me, saving me when I need it the most. But another part of me knew it was something else. Something unexplainable.”

But they are only friends, so when nice, cute guy Alex asks her out, she goes. He’s safe, and sweet. But he is not Eric.

Then we learn why she pushes Eric away…her past is way worse than you would think. She thinks she could never be enough for him…that she can’t give any guy what they need.

“You drive me insane. The way you talk, the way you smell, the way you don’t even know how breathtakingly beautiful you are. It. Drives. Me. Insane.”

Then the nice, light, fun book starts taking a crazy dramatic turn. It gets scary. There is danger. And I just can’t figure out why there were no police and therapists brought in. There was some major stupidity that happened, and it took away from the story for me, but overall I loved the feel and the writing. I was smiling throughout the book, even though there was some pretty scary heartbreaking scenes. I just really enjoyed Velaney, Eric and especially Carissa, who gets her own book in Flame.


  • I loved the funny tone of the book, despite the bad shit that went down.
  • The girls are totally the type that I want to hang with and they cracked me up.
  • Eric, despite his stalker tendencies, was totally charming, he can charm the pants off me anytime.
  • Hello, hot firefighter!!!
  • The way Eric takes care of Velaney and is so patient with her.
  • The sexy flirting and banter.


  • A little too much unnecessary drama.
  • Stupidity!!! Call the cops, don’t handle shit yourself. Velaney needed therapy, and nobody even suggested it.
  • CONDOMS people!
  • I don’t like when someone gets pushed away for their own good.
  • Though the relationship ended in a good spot, there was still a thriller-like cliffhanger at the end.

Rating: 4 stars 3.75 Heat


Flame_THREEthree copy

I really like the feel and the writing style Brooke has. I want to hang out with her (and I will next month at Wicked Book Weekend!), because I think anyone who writes like this is totally my type. I mean she uses “twatwaffle’ in it! I loved Eric, there were some hot scenes, but there was just a little too much going on and a lot of stupidity from both girls. Plus, I wish it was clearly labeled that it is a 2 part book. Still, I enjoyed it a lot, and I definitely want to read Burn to find out what happens, and even more so Flame, which can stand alone and is getting rave reviews.

“The way his lips bruise my skin as he suckles my neck washes away every pained memory I’ve ever had. It’s as if he’s just what I needed…the spark to help me live again.”


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